An inspiring, motivating and entertaining presentation that triggers a higher level of engagement and responsibility in each individual and team!

In addition to being unique and interactive and sparking laughs and passions, this presentation is the fruit of current scientific research, not only on the human brain, genetics, emotions, behaviours and business activities, but also what makes an employee happy and responsible. Will make you laugh, reflect, and act!

This keynote will help you to:

  • Increase your sense of engagement and responsibility
  • Improve motivation and performance with less resistance
  • Realize the importance of changing how you work and innovate
  • Be happier and more positive at work


  1. Changing the way we work
    Using powerful metaphors, videos, concrete examples and a healthy dose of humour, we will examine the four phases of change and practice a positive personal reflection exercise on an actual change you are experiencing.
  1. Transcend our limiting beliefs
    We are destined for success, but maybe we have been programmed for failure. This powerful realization is presented with the keys to opening the path to a new model for personal and team success.
  1. Taking responsibility for our success
    What are the qualities of an exceptional individual? Using a Harvard study, a captivating interactive exercise sheds light on your greatest factor for success. A game-changing experience with unforgettable results!
  1. Remaining agile and reinventing ourselves
    Using a striking metaphor from nature, be inspired to embrace your organization’s growth phases and allow each individual to accept the inevitable passage, for greater personal and team value.
  1. Learn to be happy!
    Who is responsible for making an employee happy? Discover the results of the biggest study on the happiness and rituals of people with the highest rates of satisfaction with their life. Indispensable!

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Jason Laliberte  CMHC
Jason Laliberte


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