Winning Tactics For Agile Teams In Transformation

With humour, this presentation will help you to:

  • Discover a variety of tools to facilitate change, all generations included
  • Understand and dedramatize current or upcoming changes
  • Accelerate your learning curve and reinvent yourselves for new business
  • Develop your personal motivation in a context of change
  • Recognize the phases of change and avoid resistance

 Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable: the ultimate goal! Using metaphors from nature and science, discover how change, even if uncomfortable, is not only temporary, but also increases the value of each individual and your organization.

 Recognizing and experiencing the 4 phases of change. Using an example, the 4 psychological phases of change are explained: Denial, Resistance, Exploration and Acceptance.

 Accepting that change is not the problem. Change takes a lot of flak! But it’s not change that’s the problem, as proven by an interactive scenario. It’s losing what is “known” that makes people uncomfortable and resistant to change.

Making the transition from the old system to the new one. This is a trick to accelerate our natural psychological process: We learn to consciously identify and provoke what we normally do unconsciously. This accelerates the adaptation process and mitigates the negative effects. Before long, we have established new habits.

Change and adapt progressively. Barely 20% of the population is able to use the cold turkey method to break a habit and start a new one; the rest of us have to progress gradually. What impact does this have on each organizational change?

Leaving our ego at the door. The ego is an obstacle in adopting change (spirit of revenge, taking things personally, emotional reactions, saving face, playing the blame game, not asking for help, evading teamwork…) Even your top talents can finish last because their ego has gotten in the way.

Don’t change your habits, replace them. To truly change, we have to eliminate the old habit and replace it with a new one. And if we don’t decide in advance what we’re going to replace it with, the universe will quickly bring us back to the starting gate!

« Wake-up call. All can be good, if you want it. You decide for yourself, you choose. »

Julie Dumont  Lyreco
Julie Dumont


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