Learn to surpass yourself with balance!

With humour, this presentation will help you to:

-Perform and surpass yourself with ease while integrating your natural talents
-Avoid self-sabotaging pitfalls, such as perfectionism and the feeling of being indispensible
-Free yourself from your ego, which causes numerous personal and interpersonal conflicts and drains your energy
-Practice psychological and physical retreat to increase your productivity
-Recognize the cycle leading to burnout and your risk factor

Keeping a clear direction. Studies show that up to 65% of our stress comes from a lack of direction. A scientific study with dogs showed that, even if they were well treated and in good health, a group of dogs in a space that changed its boundaries every day for a week ended up becoming totally inactive.

Working differently. A number of tools to manage our daily work are shown to yield better results in less time and with less effort.

Passionate about your work, not addicted to work. A look at the five steps that lead to burnout and psychological distress. How to evaluate yourself and also to keep an eye on your employees, co-workers and friends.

Portrait of our changing world. Through a series of statistics, the state of affairs is revealed. From the number of hours worked 100 years ago to how much time we spend with our children to how often we laugh, our rate of social interaction, how much time we spend in front of our screens, our love of work and the relation to burnout.

Are you at risk of burning out? A look at the behavioural habits and attitudes that cause burnout: perfectionism, low self-esteem, “playing the victim,” craving recognition, discord between our values and our work and an imbalance between available resources and required tasks.

Manage your energy, not your time. Most great leaders know how to manage their priorities. However, first and foremost they all have remarkable energy, as they focus on managing that, not their time. Even to-do list should be replaced by other techniques thought in this program in order to maintain balance.

« Very clear, concise and precise. Very alive and appealing. Created a homelike atmosphere of comfort ! ! »

Sean Davis  Bell Canada
Sean Davis


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