Discover how reinventing ourselves increases our personal and professional value. Master how to be agile in the face of change!


With humor, this presentation will help you to:

* Learn a series of practical tips to facilitate change

* Understand and put into perspective current or future changes

* Discover how your value increases with each change

* Develop each person’s motivation in a context of transformations

* Know the 4 stages of change

*Avoid resistance

* Compensate for the real human challenge that change creates

Here are some of the themes covered in this keynote:

* Recognize and live the 4 stages

* Increase personal and professional value

* We progress or we regress

* Why everyone loves and despite change

* Why change is not at the heart of the problem

* How to generate more energy and well-being

* 6 useful tips to facilitate change within your team

“An awareness with a new look at the world tinged with humor!”
Public Works Canada

“These were things that I was not able to deal with. I feel I can, now!”
Guardian West

“Marc presented material needed to grow, with some new ideas. Marc’s heart was into his presentation; it shows that he really uses these methods and believes in what he is teaching. Thank you for your energy!”
Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare


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