Give a human face to your leadership

Capitalize on the human factor for more engagement, performance and retention!

This keynote presents the latest leadership trends and proven best practices to help bring a human face to your leadership culture. Filled with relevant examples, memorable metaphors and a bit of humor, the focus is on providing your management team with practical tips in order to meet your objectives.


This presentation will help your managers and leaders to:

·       Build better employee engagement and retention

·       Develop a new mindset about leadership

·       Have an updated view of the current management challenges

·       Design a new culture that makes individuals ‘’care” more

·       Understand and use proven human factors in leading a team

·       Use a communication strategy based on emotions rather than logic

·       Build stronger trust through greater empathy

·       Know how to avoid the trap that makes employees hate you

·       Know what to say to be respected and well-liked

·       Develop a language of collaboration and retention through appreciation

·       Accept that we are “In the people business” and lead accordingly

“Superb! – A must for any organization looking to improve their team performance!”
Rob Vanderbeck, VP, COH

“Marc André Morel was amazing, very relevant and entertaining. He made the subject very interesting and made me want to treat myself and others more positively.”
Kelly Sturzenneger, Advanced Chemistry Development


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A very enlightened and human speaker. Congratulations!

Henriette Harvey | Postes Canada
Henriette Harvey