Promote individual responsibility to the team success and learn how to adapt to differences and grow collaboration!

With humor, this presentation will help you to:

·       Increase individual responsibility in team success

·       Heighten performance and results with improved soft skills

·       Improve teamwork through greater awareness of self and others

·       Harmonize communications by adapting to differences

·       Build unity and greater collaboration by practicing peer-to-peer appreciation

Here are some highlights of this interactive keynote presentation:

  • People make organizations great, not the opposite
  • Traits of exceptional team members – group exercise.
  • Adapting to different people – colors of personality
  • The positive impact of gen Z on teamwork
  • The impact of the ego on team synergy
  • The immense power of appreciation for collaboration

“A must for all companies desiring improved performance from their team!”

“Dynamic, vibrant speaker – you will learn about yourself while laughing at yourself!”
House of Parliament

“Energizing, enlightening!”
Canada Revenue Agency

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A very enlightened and human speaker. Congratulations!

Henriette Harvey | Postes Canada
Henriette Harvey