“Marc André Morel is part of the elite of speakers!”

David Larose, President, Orizon



More than 2500 presentations across Canada, 16 States and 9 countries!
Se suprpasser sans s'épuiser

“Surpass yourself without exhaustion”

Nous sommes le changement

“We are change”

Devenez l'équipe que vous pouvez devenir

“Become the team that you can be”

Travailler avec des semblables pas pareils


Innovative content, real solutions and superb humor!

“Simply remarkable! Above and beyond our corporate expectations and those of all the dealers!”
François Morneau, Regional Manager, Yamaha

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Energize, inspire, mobilize and entertain your team at your next meeting! Several themes related to your issues: teamwork, balance, motivation, personal development, change and a new style of human leadership!

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need some help with a presentation?

In addition to being a seasoned speaker, Marc has a gift for capturing what will make your presentation more captivating, while respecting your unique style. Ideal for emerging speakers, managers, celebrities, athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs!

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Marc André’s unique conferences and trainings are filled with the latest scientific discoveries, popularized with humor and powerful images to answer your concrete challenges of teams in full evolution and transformation.

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Whether your group is of 10 or 1000 people, French or English speaking, in Quebec, Canada, France or elsewhere in the world, Marc André promises you a unique experience! Based on the most recent research on human development, his conferences are filled with humor, scientific truths and authenticity!

He will be able to adapt to the diversity of your group and share tips and tricks according to your objectives and challenges as an organization, team or individual in transformation!

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“I look forward to reading your articles every time! Once again, thank you and congratulations! Your ideas are so well expressed, easy to read and understand. You are gifted.”

Mona Maltais, Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale

Life and work lessons inspired by Judo

Life and work lessons inspired by Judo

Judo taught me to understand the superiority of flexibility over rigidity in order to survive - we are taught to become like a willow. Beyond the fight, knowing how to use each other's energy and velocity to defeat your opponent takes on surprisingly diverse meanings...

Do what you love and love what you do

Do what you love and love what you do

"Someone who does not do what he loves in life misses his life."GINO VANNELLI It is said that two out of three workers do not like their job. A Towers Perrin study revealed that 80% of people say they are "dissatisfied" with their jobs. That is, two-thirds of the...

Honoring your talents

Honoring your talents

It is easy to lose sight of the real reason we are in the role we have been given within the organization that employs us or that we have created ourselves. Financial obligations, raising our children, dealing with illness, life. In my previous article, Destined to...

Hundreds of organizations have trusted speaker Marc André Morel for over 20 years!

Motivating, funny, new concepts!

Audrey Bouchard | Adecco
Audrey Bouchard

I am now able to understand the process of change and have control over it.

Marc Simard | Emploi-Québec
Marc Simard

Very colorful and humorous! The impact is striking!

Jonathan Lamarche | CSC
Jonathan Lamarche

Interesting, motivating, catchy, concrete and relevant!

Emmanuelle Carpentier | Centre Jeunesse Emploi
Emmanuelle Carpentier

A very enlightened and human speaker. Congratulations!

Henriette Harvey | Postes Canada
Henriette Harvey