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Marc André works with organizations like Sanofi, Yamaha, Pfizer and The Supreme Court of Canada to help create remarkable performance by putting people first. His audiences often experience a mindset and behavioral changes which contribute to a higher level of accountability, agility, cooperation and well-being. For his exceptional speaking skills, he has earned the coveted CSP – Certified Speaking Professional – designation.

  • Over 2500 speaking engagements in 9 countries, 16 states, 3 continents, 2 languages
  • Best-selling author of six books on personal and career development
  • Marketing degree from Concordia University in Montreal
  • Former trainer and coach for Dale Carnegie, Wilson Learning and CareerTrack USA
  • Teacher at HEC Montreal – Université de Montréal
  • In demand with medias such as The Gazette, The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, and the CBC
  • Founder of the International School of Professional Speakers

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“Marc is a mix of leadership speaker, comedian and wellness expert!”

Barbara Pearce Merck
Barbara Pearce


When you choose Marc André Morel, you choose one of the best! Less than 15% of speakers have received the designation CSP, “Certified Speaking Professional“, from the International Federation of Professional Speakers.


In his Web Series, Marc lets his guests do the talking and coaching! Inspiring guests include Celebrities, Olympic Medal Winners, Famous Keynote Speakers and even charismatic dogs! 


Marc started his career as speaking coach with Dale Carnegie Training in 1995. Since then, he has founded his own school, delivering training programs in Canada, France, Belgium and Morocco.


Marc is frequently quoted, published and interviewed in the canadian media. Major networks like The Gazette, The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, and the CBC give him the opportunity to share his expertise on personal and professional development.

WHY CHOOSE MARC as your speaker

“Great! Very unique! A must for any organization!”
Yvan Dion, Desjardins Financial Services


✔️ Experience – Strong of more than 10,000 hours of preparation and delivery of presentations as a speaker and trainer, Marc has experienced life in the corporate world, with industry giants like NCR, Xerox and Telus. He is able to understand some of your issues on a corporate and human level.

✔️ Expertise – Commerce graduate from Concordia University in Montreal, he has published hundreds of articles, as well as several books on the subject of personal and professional achievement – three of which were best-sellers in Quebec.

“Powerful. Very powerful! Great energy.”
Paul Poliquin, CMHC 

✔️ Skills – As a Train-The-Trainer graduate world-renowned organizations such as Dale Carnegie Training, Wilson Learning, Fred Pryor Seminars, CareerTrack and HEC Montreal, Marc has been creating his own content since 2000. Passionate about the subject matters of self-leadership, peak performance, interpersonal skills, communication, leadership and well-being, Marc keeps busy with his mentors, coaches and continuous learning.

✔️ Adaptability – Raised in a multicultural neighborhood and city, Marc has spoken more than once in every major city in Canada and the East Coast, as well dozens of cities in Europe, enabling to naturally adapt to any audiences. Plus, he will do his homework and learn about your team and organization!

✔️ Funny – At the age of 14, he was already making people laugh on stage. He knows how the human brain works – through images – hence targeting both the left and right brain. He has earned the reputation of being profound, relevant and funny, helping people remember and put into action the key lessons.

✔️ Bilingual – Wether you hire him for an in-person, virtual or hybrid presentation, you simply tell him what percentage of both languages you want to hear and he does the rest.