Based on research, observations and Marc’s personal experience, this presentation will reveal some misconceptions about performance and risk factors. It will provide you with ideas to be at your optimal state, regardless of the workload ahead!

On a light tone and a touch of humor, this presentation will help you:

•      Understand what causes your energy to suffer

•      Learn how to self-boost your energy and spirit

•      Discover how the importance of managing your energy before your time

•      Recognize the cycle leading to burnout and your risk factors

•      Avoid self-sabotage traps

•      Respect your limits and boundaries

•      Know the cycle leading to burnout and addiction to work

Here are some of the topics covered in this keynote:

  • State of the situation worldwide and in the country
  • Be passionate and committed, but not zealous!
  • Cycle that leads to addiction to work
  • Are you at risk of burnout?
  • Manage your energy before your time
  • 17 concrete tips to help you avoid stress and perform with balance!

“Marc André Morel is fantastic! I have learned many tips and methods to help myself deal better with stress and creating more well-being at work!”
Canada Border Services Agency

“Great subject matter, presented by a wonderful speaker. Marc makes you feel right at home and the presentation becomes personal and useful.”

Marc André is excellent, clear and funny ! He seems to relate everything to what I am feeling!”
Immigration Canada

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