Trigger engagement and responsible team players who adapt to others and know how to collaborate

With humor, this presentation will help you to:

  • Increase individual responsibility in team success
  • Heighten performance and results with improved soft skills
  • Improve interpersonal relations through greater self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Harmonize communications through awareness of differences
  • Build cohesion and greater collaboration by practicing authentic appreciation

THERE ARE NO GREAT ORGANIZATIONS, ONLY EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE. The most successful organizations with the greatest success are all the product of remarkable teams, composed of exceptional individuals. The achievements of these people are what build the reputation of your organization, not the opposite.

WHY CONFLICTS ARE WELCOME. Remarkable teams are not immune to conflict. On the contrary, the best ones are those that experience the most. Essential guidelines will be discovered.

THE QUALITIES OF EXCEPTIONAL TEAM MEMBERS – Group Exercise. Of all the qualities for team success, most fall under the category of “attitudes” and soft skills. Knowledge and know-how are important, but what really makes all the difference is what we choose to be or become. Powerful impact!

ADAPTING TO OF PERSONALITY COLOURS. The science of social styles (red, yellow, green and blue) are presented with a theatrical twist and humorous videos. The main lessons include the importance of self-awareness, knowing one’s “colour” and that of others. Tools to adapt to each other and improve our overall success are presented.

THE IMPACT OF THE EGO ON TEAM SYNERGY. The ego is defined, as are its consequences (spirit of revenge, taking things personally, emotional reactions, saving face, playing the blame game, not asking for help, evading teamwork…) Solutions are given to shine despite egos.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM GEN Z. Since 2018, all around the world, Gen Z have started to graduate from university. These young professionals are joining your team. They are a whole other breed, and natural team players. They have managed to learn – and teach others – by themselves. Teamwork is multiplied by 10 compared to a Gen X or Boomer. See how this generation is (close to) perfect for your team!

THE IMMENSE POWER OF APPRECIATION FOR COLLABORATION. In this captivating section, we discover how each of us has a “relational” account that we work with. Before we can make a withdrawal (a request to another person), we have to make deposits (appreciation, valuing and recognition of that person). A memorable group workshop exercise is practiced.

« The more he spoke, the more I felt compelled to be a better person. »

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Kathy Konrad


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