Honoring your talents

It is easy to lose sight of the real reason we are in the role we have been given within the organization that employs us or that we have created ourselves. Financial obligations, raising our children, dealing with illness, life.

In my previous article, Destined to Succeed, I introduced you to this concept, supported by the premise that at least one profession was chosen for us upon entering this world.

“Everyone has a special talent and a unique way to express it: a talent that is of service to others, to the community. Something you can do better than anyone else on earth. It is in the expression of this talent that our mission in life, our mission in life, is articulated. Everyone has a mission. In Vedic science, this is the law of dharma. In Sanskrit, “dharma” means “purpose of life”. It is important to know your purpose in life. The power to fulfill ourselves and attract abundance exists in the expression of that flame within each of us whose powers of wealth are unlimited.”

This excerpt is from the first chapter of my first published book, The Fifth Season: Realizing Your Destiny with Simplicity (2003). In this chapter, Making Sense of What We Do and Doing What We Are, I talk about, among other things, respecting our own nature – our true source of well-being and abundance.

Most of the people I have met over the decades have trouble knowing themselves. Your first appointment with yourself is to (re)discover what your strengths, gifts and talents are. Get help from a career counselor or coach if you need it. With the abundance of jobs and self-employment opportunities, now is the time to do it.

Because not working in harmony with who you are is like asking a fish to climb a tree. All his life he will think he is stupid, said Albert Einstein. The strawberry would never dare to think it was corn! Why do I think that I will become a blacksmith by forging? It is not true. I will have learned to blacksmith, but I will never be a “blacksmith”. Celine Dion is not a singer because she sings. She is a “singer” (at heart), so she sings. That’s what “doing what you are” is all about.

Life is less difficult when we take the path of least resistance offered by embracing the gifts we have been given. Our sanity is better preserved too. Why is that? Because to deny a person who has the soul of a communicator, healer, leader or entrepreneur the freedom and power to honor their gifts and talents is to spiritually strangle them. The best way to give meaning to one’s life is to be of service by bringing to fruition the person we are at heart.

Honor your talents.

Marc Andre

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