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MY PROMISE IS TO HELP YOUR people and teams BECOME WHAT THEY CAN BE, in times of uncertainty!

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Marc André is a blend of philosopher, speaker and comedian!
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« Marc André was delightful – funny, poignant,
and motivating ! »
Jen Chavez, Dane County Credit Union, USA

Some resounding reactions

These were things I heard and ran across that I was not able to deal with. I feel I can, now.

Barry Mabra  Guardian West
Barry Mabra

Marc André is a wonderful speaker. He uses humor throughout his presentation, which makes it more enjoyable and easier to relate to.

Lucy Barrette   Canada Post
Lucy Barrette

Marc André is excellent, clear and funny ! He seems to relate everything to what I am feeling !

Donna Dear  Canada Immigration
Donna Dear

Marc André was delightful – funny, poignant, and motivating !

Jen Chavez  Dane County Credit Union
Jen Chavez

The best instructor I have ever had in 33 years of supervision!

John W. Vick  State of Wisconsin
John W. Vick

Great subject matter, presented by a wonderful seminar leader. Marc makes you feel right at home and the presentation becomes personal and useful.

Penny Stirrett  Bowater
Penny Stirrett

Best speaker I have listened in a long time. Honest. Poweful. Funny.

Nance MacDonald  Square One
Nance MacDonald